"You did not wake up today to be mediocre"


In this post I’d like to discuss more about the quote above. I’ve always been the type of person who choose to be the best at one thing rather than being good at multiple things. Although I’m a multi-passionate person, knowing what works and what not for my business is key. As an entrepreneur or freelancer, the number one thing you shouldn’t do is to be all frantic when handling your business. Everyone has an opinion regardless whether or not they may or may not know your situation – you can listen but you should also know you are your business and you know what works (especially when you’ve been hands-on from the get-go). To avoid being frantic over the smallest things is to ensure you are being productive and don’t procrastinate.  


Have you ever thought how big productivity is? When you are not productive you tend to…

  • Get freaked out by the workload which normally leads to you feeling down and beaten
  • Fall into a deep hole full with complaints and negativity blaming the universe for your poor achievement
  • Question your capabilities to achieve your goals
  • Get stuck in being non-productive for days, weeks, months which is scary


So back to being the best at one thing rather than just mediocre at multiple things. The strategy here is to invest your energy into one thing and be excellent at it. You may then realize that one thing actually includes many other things that will lead you to many other possibilities and the great thing here is that when you know your goal and direction (and not confused by other multiple things), you will have clear direction on how to accomplish it. Choosing one thing doesn’t mean you ignore your other passions – it’s just that some passions you can combine and make something great out of it OR they can just be hobbies that help you to unwind after a long day or week.

Now, that’s just how I personally feel and I’d like to know what works for you? Are you the type of person who are excellent in multiple things? If yes, kindly share with us what you do differently to achieve success in many different things at one time and most importantly how you stay focused and productive! We’d like to know! Till next post babes!


Persevere and Stay Positive,

Shazwany x

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