Do you have these symptoms of…


  • Not being able to complete any of the task on your to do list?
  • Get too overwhelmed with tasks and can’t simply focus?
  • Be all frantic over small things?


We’re currently living in the human world with full of choices. To some it might be a great value to have in life but there are some people who just couldn’t handle multiple choices (*cough* me *cough*). Have you been in a situation as simple as answering daily question such as “what do you want to eat for lunch?” or “where do you wanna go for dinner?”…? Honestly, these are the most difficult Q that I have to A even for myself. Sometimes having too many options or tasks can be overwhelmed to some and when you get overwhelmed - you tend to invite all the negative vibes into your decision making and the actions you take. Therefore, to have just a few good quality options can be just enough which leads to better decision making and actions.


Back to the symptoms above… you can cure it by having a better to do list. In this post I’m not gonna share on how to write them but to just share one tip (out of 4) on how to have a better to do list. Ignore all the to-do-list pages where you have like 10 or more boxes to fill and check. The secret to have an efficient to do list is to simplify it by having not more than 5 tasks per day. I’m sure you have heard about focused = finished right? And focusing means allocating a good amount of quality energy and concentration to the things that need to get done.


Imagine this…


  • Looking at the simplified to do list and being confident that you can actually complete the tasks calmly (not all frantic)
  • Being able to strategically allocating time to complete all the tasks and actually being honest about the allocated time you give yourself
  • Being completely chill living your day to day unlike those peeps who work for Miranda Priestly at the Runway Magazine in The Devil Wears Prada.


Who wouldn’t want those right? It is a great way to live and you can have a great quality living just by practicing the habit of being productive instead of procrastinating. Hence, I’d like to dedicate the next few weeks to write and post on this section of the blog. It’s all about mastering the Art of Productivity babes! Till the next post … I still owe you three tips to have a better to do list and more series on this section!


Persevere and Stay Positive,

Shazwany x




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