Before we get to today’s special post… Thank you to all of you that have been supporting the brand from day one. I appreciate the patience as you wait for our new collection to be out. As you might or might not know already, we've finally launched our new collection. To be honest it has been done for some time now but we were waiting for the right timing to launch it (don’t you worry as our pieces are season-less and they are basic pieces with fresh twist that don’t go out of style). Now I’ll like to share with you some of the details about the collection.

The title of the collection is 'The Transformation of Jane' and the story behind this collection is the continuity from our 2.0 Collection – The Genesis of Her 20/20. Jane’s new journey continues when she started her first creative business and this collection sums up what she wears for formal or informal meetings and her off-duty outfits.

We have altogether 8 design pieces in this collection consist of outerwear, tops, bottoms and a dress. Some of the pieces are available in two color options. The idea behind this collection is to create a capsule wardrobe for the young entrepreneurs that is versatile enough which can create both on and off duty looks. The color palette is very Zen-like which is an offset against the busy everyday working life. 

I’m also excited to announce that we’ve decided to launch two lookbooks of this collection for your preview - an official lookbook and one styling lookbook. The purpose of the styling lookbook is to share some of the looks that can be created with the limited pieces we have in this collection. It will hopefully help our babes out there to see the design value in each piece and also for you to get some ideas in term of styling the pieces.  With a lot of hours spent in design development stage, we managed to create 4 looks that can be expanded to at least 20 looks and more. 

We hope to continue the story of Jane and create more capsule wardrobes for all you babes. We're working on a fun one right now but as of this moment we hope you’ll have fun looking through our 3.0 collection as much as we do designing it. If it suites your taste, come on over and sign up to our newsletter to get 10% off your first purchase if you haven’t already! 


Persevere and Stay Positive,

Shazwany x

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