We’re back with another new series in mastering the art of productivity! This new series is all about the outcome from being productive through simplicity. As you might already know, we are a brand that exude simplicity – everything minimal! It’s a lifestyle we chose and by now it’s clear that it’s our DNA.


At Shazwany Zaki, we do everything in moderation, applying the minimal aesthetic in everything excepts our brainstorming and design development session because it is when a maximum effort needs to be injected into our mind and souls to create an array of minimal but valuable products. We chose this minimal lifestyle and we make sure minimal, less complicated approach is the way to go in handling things especially in completing our day to day, weekly, monthly tasks. We never burden ourselves with impossible deadlines, the pressure of following trends and production schedules etc. Why? Just because creating values takes time and being an artisan takes time and focus. Producing a valuable work that is complex in terms of values should always come from a simplicity approach. We need to be in that mindset and we have that mindset. I’d like to humbly share with you the outcome of being productive through simplicity. Being productive here is not limited to creating products but also other daily tasks that we do such as cooking, doing laundry etc.


Simplicity aids clarity. It leads you to precision which you need when planning and strategizing for anything basically. When you’re clear with what your goals or directions are, you will be able to tackle your tasks more efficiently which will score you a high level of productivity. Now who doesn’t want that?


Imagine this…

  • You wake up in the morning knowing exactly what to do because you’ve planned everything the night before including your outfit of the day, your breakfast, your lipstick of choice etc. Those who live a minimal lifestyle and choose simplicity tend to set a routine for everything according to their needs and not their wants. Therefore, their day to day are more productive by eliminating all the unnecessary decision makings that others might have just coz they choose to be complex and full of options.
  • Your house/apartment is always organised and clean because instead of doing a weekly cleaning you divide the chores into one task per day. For example, cleaning the toilets will be on Monday, spree clean the kitchen and fridge on Tuesday, the living room on Wednesday and so on. And on daily basis you’ll do the dishes after each meal, make the bed once you’re awake etc. This way is more efficient and of course it is a habit to practice ( I sometimes fail in this area too but practice makes you better right?).
  • Your daily content for each month are all ready to be posted even if you’re just an entrepreneur and you’re a one woman show, you tend to do everything on your own or you just have a super small team (team = you and your spouse *cough* me *cough*) because you’ve set a day or two to plan out your monthly content and create them all at once along with the captions. By doing this, you’ve given yourself a clear direction to focus on content creating which gives you the ability to be more productive than having to sit down every day and forcing the creative juices to flow to create a valuable content.


So that’s the first outcome from being productive through simplicity. Like other series, I have more outcomes for you – four more to be exact. Till next post!


Persevere and Stay Positive,

Shazwany x




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