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Mmm…coffee. If only the world smells like one. Life would be way perkier. Okay so, everybody who knows me know that I’m addicted to coffee and without it, I’ll die. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. Truth is without coffee I’ll get migraine and every part of my day will go down the drain. No productivity comes from a migraine – at least I don’t think so. Drinking coffee has become an everyday habit. 


And well, just like coffee, getting ready in the morning is also a habit. Some people…

  • Take it so seriously
  • Just couldn’t be bothered
  • Get stress every time
  • Enjoy the process


Yup! Three out of four are the negative ones. Those are the things I hear – always and truthfully, I’ve been there many times before.


Whenever you need to get ready, have you ever thought to yourself…

“If only school uniform exists in my life again”

“I don’t feel like getting ready, I don’t know what to wear”

“I have so many clothes but nothing suits me really. So frustrating!”

“I should have bought that top the other day”

“I don’t like how I look in this shirt but it is so in trend right now…should I?”


If so, the next time you’re getting ready, treat it like your morning coffee.

(Disclaimer: it doesn’t have to be coffee, any drinks you have in the morning will do – it’s just a concept.)


“I have so many clothes but nothing suits me really. So frustrating!”

Because drinking coffee is a habit it means you like drinking it. For example, I don’t like fresh milk – so I don’t drink milk. Even though I know it has so many benefits but I still don’t like it. Same goes to getting ready in the morning. You need to make sure that your closet only has clothes that you like and work for you so you can have less annoying decisions to make in the morning.


“I don’t like how I look in this shirt but it is so in trend right now…should I?” 

Coffee is a global thing now, and people have been drinking it from yesteryears - from the simple Italian espresso shot to traditional Turkish coffee. My favorite kind would be latte but if I’m having a shitty day I’ll go for caramel macchiato for that extra oomph. In the morning, when you stroll down the street of Holborn or in the underground tube in London, you’ll see lots of people with their cup of Joe. But not everyone enjoys coffee – like the tea lover. So you see, drinking coffee doesn’t need to be a trend that you follow. Screw it – you don’t need to follow any trend if you don’t want or don’t need to. To be the best version of you, you need to do things that…


  • You love
  • Make you feel good
  • Give you the confidence


Again, same goes to getting dress. So remember, wear clothes that make you feel good and the rest will be easy. All you need is a system. A system that works for you. Creating and developing the system might take a little time and effort – but once you have it; getting ready will be breezy every-single-time! 

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Persevere and Stay Positive,

Shazwany x

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