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It’s January! The first month of the New Year, the month of a clean slate for some of us. I used to make a face when everyone was like shouting out his or her New Year's resolutions. At that time I was like “we all should be goal driven all the time, why would we wait until New Year to have one?” Yeah, so negative and annoying of me. Ha Ha Ha. 

But since the last two years, I’m all on board with the New Year's resolution thingy. To me, sometime you just need to be more self forgiving in order to be a better you. No doubt that you still need to always have those goals in mind all the time but failing to accomplish those goals is okay too, as long as you pick your self up and start again. 

New year for me is to build or rebuild the system for me to execute my plans to reach my goals. I believe that planning is not enough to succeed, you need to have strategy and a system to avoid extra hurdles. 

For example, designing my collection is no longer as exaggerating as before because I know the exact…

  • Type of pieces I want in the collection
  • Values that I’d like to have in each pieces
  • Techniques to use and apply to curate the collection

So as long as you have taken your time to build your own system - be it for cooking, completing your work, or getting dressed in the morning, everything else will be lighter to execute. 

Imagine knowing…

  • What to do every single morning
  • How to complete all the weekly tasks on time
  • You won’t be stuck in the traffic
  • Everything will be okay coz you’ve done the work upfront 

Wouldn’t that be great? So the next time you give yourself a task, don't just write it down and try to do it. Build a system around it and follow through. For example, if you need to wake up at specific hour, you don't just set your alarm clock. You should...

  • Drink camomile tea / warm milk before bed for a better sleep
  • Get your outfit and things ready for the next morning
  • Set your alarm clock
  • Put your clock a few feet away from your bed so it's far enough for you to get up and shut it off 

You see what I did there? It's an easy strategy to wake up on time without risking myself hitting the snooze button and oversleep.  

Okay now, there’s another reason why I love January. Can you guess? It’s my birthday month! Yeay! So for this whole month until the 31st, we’ll be having sales for our 2.0 collection! Double yeay! Just use this discount code: NEWYEAR at the checkout and you’ll get 40% off.

Again, Happy New Year and I wish you an amazing year ahead!  


Persevere and Stay Positive,

Shazwany x

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