IT'S ALL ABOUT KAKA AZRAFF (special note at the end of the post)

Hey babes,

For #fridayfeed today, I'm sharing with you an outfit from Shazwany Zaki which was worn by the beautiful talented singer, Kaka Azraff, whom also known as my dearest friend. She came to me with a theme - hip hop. It's for a stage outfit for an award show opening ABPBH 29. Dang it! Stage outfit is certainly not my thing at all. Anything bling-a-ling is not my thing BUT she said "you just do you" and I was like "aite okay I'll try".

After a chill session with her discussing what she feels comfortable in, what she dislikes and what she likes etc. , we came up with a jumpsuit that looks somehow like the mechanic from the 90s. Few days had past and so the mojo to design that jumpsuit. I ain't feeling it. I feel like an element was missing and finally realizing it ain't fun at all. I like the idea of injecting humor into hip hop. So I scratched the idea, redesigned the outfit, texted Kaka, and she got excited (well, she always does with almost everything ha ha ha she is fun like that).

Sourcing fabric here in Malaysia is mundane, you gotta be extra creative in pulling all the outfit together. Found this fun star printed fabric which is quite dull to be honest, but it would be fine as we're combining it with a pop of neon. The cutting remains minimal and asymmetrical as part of our signature style. Styling wise, it wasn't difficult to style the outfit but the challenge was getting the style done with the time constraint, the budget, and other commitments from the others that weren't met. However, we kept our positivity vibe and made do with whatever we had to make Kaka feels comfortable and looks presentable on stage. So here's the video of her performance from that night courtesy of TV3 Malaysia and Kaka did great on stage as always alongside Waris!

Kaka Azraff & Waris ABPBH 29

On a side note, Happy Birthday to my dearest friend, Kaka Azraff. I wish you a great career ahead Beautiful! I love you! Onz Oinkz (inside joke - only we know) !


Persevere & Stay Positive,

Shazwany x


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