This is the best bit of the entire process in producing a collection for me. During my working days in London, I’ve realized that some fashion houses actually don’t have enough time to actually develop their concepts and design ideas. There are cases where the designer has only less than two weeks to creating concept to designing the collection to preparing and sending samples and tech packs to the manufacturer. All in less than two weeks - crazy huh? I always wonder how would one add values to designs if they don’t have ample time to develop them – maybe they’re really skillful and super talented, so bravo to them.

On the other hand, I look at myself as an artisan. I’m thorough in my research before embarking on my client’s request or the collections. The pieces can seem very simple but if you look closely and if you understand the ideas behind it – you’ll probably find the design values that I’ve put in each piece. Hence why our collections are out when it’s out and not according to the fashion calendar. So it all started with a detox process where I’ll make sure that I’ve not been looking at any other designers’ designs before starting a new collection. I try to avoid the subconscious mind of the things I see to interrupt my design process. Next:

Finding the theme or concept.

It all begins with a story about Jane. The character that we’ve had since the beginning. Her story moves and develops with us as we grow as a brand. For 3.0, it’s about how Jane transitioning into another career – having that clean slate, starting fresh. She’s a working girl now but if there’s one thing that she’s good at; it is balance. Balancing between career and her personal life. So in this collection we’re portraying that in the sense of versatility between seriousness and calmness.

Finding the inspirations.

Personally, I find that inspirations come organically. Be it, at the beginning of the design process or during the sample making. However, for our 3.0 collection, the main inspiration came during our fabric sourcing. I was drawn to the burlap sacks and went through the development process, which got me to researching all about the Japanese packaging – not just the design aspects but also the value that they put in each packaging.


Michikazu Sakai


After the concept and inspirations are all sorted out and developed it’s good to step back and take at least a few hours break. In my case, that’s after a goodnight sleep. Start fresh always – after the break, go back and take a look at all your concept development and make a list of the pieces you want to design. For 3.0 we have 8 pieces in one collection. It’s our brand mission to produce an 8 to 10 piece collection that could create more than 20 looks. It’s important for us to:

  • Add value in our design so each piece is an investment piece
  • Ensure that almost all of the pieces can be worn more than two ways
  • Design a collection that is buildable and versatile in terms of colors and cut.


And here’s what we have in our 3.0:

  • Sleeveless top
  • Camisole
  • Not-your-average-white-shirt
  • Basic skirt
  • Two-way skirt
  • Trouser
  • Vest Dress
  • Jacket 


All in all, this collection is totally different from our 2.0 which is very dark and heavy whilst our 3.0 is a lot more fresh, light and very Zen in a way.


3.0 collection sneak-peek 


Persevere and Stay positive,

Shazwany x


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