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The Hustling Jane Collection


Our added mission in 2018 is to produce toolkits that focus on the art of productivity, minimalism & lifestyle and capsule wardrobe. These toolkits function as a tool to help our customers to live a better quality lifestyle.

"This Productivity Journal has everything you need to plan and execute your daily and monthly tasks and gives you the opportunity to rate your level of productivity."

Jenita Jeune

"Them feels when you're in your fave little black dress."

Hanie Hidayah

"When Dahlia came over to show me this gem by Shazwany Zaki, I went like <3 , period. I had actually toyed with the idea of getting more from her collection, but I couldn't lie to myself, I already had one too many outfits for Raya."

Fizah Nizam

Productivity Journal

Our productivity journal is built to help user to kickstart a new habit. It is a journal that will keep track user’s productivity. It consists of minimal layouts but complex contents. Suitable for entrepreneurs, executives or anyone who wants to upgrade their productivity game.


Layout is designed to be undated so users can start journaling and keep score of their productivity at the beginning of any month/year. At the end of the week, there is a section where users can jot down their weekly review which helps them to be in the moment and take note of what had happened and how they can better their week.


All journals will be packed and sealed. We applied simplicity from every angle including the packaging. 

Productivity Journal

Looking for something for someone? This productivity journal is the perfect idea! With productivity, you'll get a gift of time! Exactly what we need in this fast paced life we're living in.